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Cortijo Las Monjas

Crta. Riogordo-Alfarnatejo




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Atroe Apartment_Cortijo las Monjas
Atroe Apartment_Cortijo las Monjas
Atroe Apartment_Cortijo las Monjas
Atroe Apartment_Cortijo las Monjas
Atroe Apartment_Cortijo las Monjas
Atroe Apartment_Cortijo las Monjas

Atroe/Atroje: these words refer to the place were the grain was stored after harvesting.  It was located in the ‘granary’ of the house, which was normally on the top floor.  Nowadays these rooms are no longer used for this purpose, grain being collected by combine harvesters, put into lorries immediately
and moved directly to storage facilities.  In earlier times grain (wheat, barley, rye etc…) was harvested by hand, using sickles, threshing was done using horses, mules, donkeys and oxen, pulling a harrow, either with cogged wheels or, even more primitive, a slab with sharp stones, thus separating the grain from the chaff.  The grain was then moved manually to the ‘Atroes/Atrojes’ where it was kept until its sale or consumption.

This apartment, which we have called the Atro, has existed for decades in the same place in the house, ‘atroes’ in which the grain was collected from the agricultural land of Cortjo Las Monjas.

The apartment consists of a bedroom with a double bed, linen supplied, bathroom with shower, towels supplied, and a kitchen/dining-room/lounge with a wood-burning stove – a delight on winters’ days!  All necessities are supplied.  There is a terrace, with magnificent views to invite you to enjoy the surrounding area.  We hope you will also enjoy this apartment where, in days gone by, the grain was separated from the chaff.

Atroe apartment



Atroe Apartment_Cortijo Las Monjas
Atroe Bedroom_Cortijo Las Monjas